Greeting to you all Fairy Tail fans both hard-core and noobs! I'm Bato of the Iron Rock Hammer and I smash stuff! This is my first blog i created in fairy tail and oh boy! i would be looking forward working with you all, commenting on blogs, make discussions, and edit pages. I also read the manga and watched the original anime, both were smashing awesome and loved them!!! i also like Rave, Monster Hunter Orage, Monster Soul and Mashima-en, they're great mangas, Mr. Mashima's best works! wish they became anime too and would love to see Rave gets an anime reboot considering how a bit plain its previous anime was before. though i can't say the same thing to the new Ft 2014 anime, doesn't feel like the same thing as the old anime does and makes Bato sad :( but i had hopes it'll improve later on. Anyways! it's nice to meet you all and get to know each other as nakama even big tough guys like Bato wanted to have friends.

Fairy Tail is always Bato's number one anime of my life! Let's put up the fairy tail hand sign and let's partyyyy!!!!!!!!!

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