Hello my friends! Bato here, I would like to tell that I'm matching up with Fairy Tail against the Seven Deadly Sins of Nakaba Suzuki! That got my attention few weeks ago when I was browsing the wiki as I stumble upon the FT x The Seven Deadly Sins Christmas crossover. Determined to know about it, I searched for that manga and found it and read them.

After reading from chapter 1 to chapter 87 throughout few weeks, the Seven Deadly Sins series is really a very awesome manga with awesome art style, filled with knights (loving their armors and cool helmets as if it came from Berserk!), fairies, demons, giants, very-OP battles (seriously they're way too awesome and super-destructive!), Middle Ages European setting, etc. and and can see why Hiro Mashima and Nakaba Suzuki having a co-op manga making together with 4-koma and the Christmas crossover special as well as an upcoming anime series in Oct. 5, 2014 5 PM with a teaser trailer! XD =3

So anyways, I'd be matching with any Fairy Tail characters against the Seven Deadly Sins characters. My own match-up list: (I'll update the rest later <troll face>)

  • Natsu vs. Meliodas
  • Gray vs. Ban
  • Erza vs. King (Titania vs the Fairy King Harlequin lol)
  • Laxus vs. Gilthunder (both lightning users)
  • Minerva vs. Merlin
  • Makarov vs. Helbram
  • Jura vs. Diane (both Earth users)
  • Tempesta vs. Hauser
  • Lyon vs. Gustav (both Ice users)
  • Kagura vs. Vivian

For you guys reading this, think of whatever match-up between FT and NnT you can think of (lol) in the comments. So enjoy! Bato out! :)

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