Hey what's up, Bato here again and I made another blog just to kill boredom once again. Something out of topic from the current Alvarez Empire arc and it's about the Guild Wars in the events of Fairy Tail Zero.

In Mavis' time, Guilds fight each other for commercial rights, land and establishments along with gaining status and removing competition on their rivals. As shown with Red Lizard and Blue Skull clashing with the latter victorious and the former wiped out along with the entire village, leaving Mavis and Zera (illusion) alone in Tenrou Island.

With all the warring between Mages around the country at least if it didn't spread to Ishgar's countries due to Mashima focusing solely on one place only, I'm surprised Fiore had managed to endure and survive in the time of anarchy and chaos.

But then again, if Fiore was collapsed and no longer existed then the setting of Fairy Tail will never exist because of it. For the sake of plot and showing so many places around Fiore for our nakama-obsessed main characters to explore and destroy at the same time.

The national economy and trade of Fiore and Ishgar's nations along the livelihood of its citizens would have been placed in great jeopardy with Guilds duking each other out in a pissing contest if Guild Wars were that common.

It only ended with the Second Trade War when many differing feudal lords began to struggle over trading rights of the country and mercenary Mages and Guilds were hired into taking sides in the conflict. Game of Thrones much?

Makes me wonder what the hell was going on with the Fiore government in that time of FT Zero when so many people had suffered from the fighting between Mages and feudal lords too as well. Magnolia is one of those examples.

The Fiore royal family must be really weak despite being rulers of the small "peaceful" nation if they don't have much control of their lords and subjects fighting each other and ignoring royal authority. I can't say much of their royal army because of their pathetic competence especially in the GMG arc.

The Magic Council didn't do much too as well (as always since they're all talk and no real action) until they intervened on the last conflict and passed the Interguild Dispute Interdiction Treaty to strictly prohibit Guilds from going to war against each other regardless of reason. It's almost as if they're waiting for the insolent Mages to exhaust themselves to point of fighting each other was all for nothing but huge death and destruction and then the high and mighty Rune Knights shows up and restore order.

Feel free and comment your opinions and views about it. Thanks! :D

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