About the Alvarez Empire in the recent chapter lately that the said country is located in the Western Continent next to Isghar and is a single and centralized military empire formed of over 730 Guilds including Dark Guilds in comparison of Isghar's 500 Guilds that are either Legal, Dark or Independent.

According to Doran-, er I mean Mest Gryder, the empire attempted to invade Fiore and Isghar's other countries because it's after Fairy Tail's sacred artifact and greatest secret, Lumen Histoire but was eventually backed down by the Magic Council's Etherion before severing ties with Isghar afterward.

But now with the majority of the Council severely crippled by Tartarus with credits goes to Jackal and has yet to recover with the Ten Wizard Saints except Makarov who went to the west, as the new heads of the Magic organization a year ago, the Alvarez Empire is now mobilizing to finally take what they've been after unless Isghar's countries mobilizes against them first.

"War is coming. With all of its glory and all of its horror." - Arcturus Mengsk, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

This has been going in my head lately and been thinking of these connections to the Alvarez Empire in my blog.

Connections to Alvarez Empire:

  • Death's Head Caucus: A Dark Guild known for being unmatched in its number of successful assassinations. It is mentioned by Simon that its elite Trinity Raven was responsible for killing every ranked officer under the Western Army's command during the Cabria War.
  • Bluenote Stinger: A former Deputy Commander of Grimoire Heart and affiliated with Orochi's Fin. He was said to be the Lieutenant Colonel of the Gohra Army and known to have annihilated the entire Blue Dragon Regiment all by himself during the Cabria War.
  • Bisca Connell: A member of Fairy Tail, wife of Alzack and mother of Asuka, and a Mage specializing in Guns Magic. She was an immigrant from the West before settling in Fiore.
  • Beth Vanderwood: A member of Mermaid Heel and a Mage specializing in Vegetable Magic. Like Bisca, Beth was an immigrant from the West who settled in Fiore.
  • Cabria War: An unknown major conflict in Earth Land that was mentioned a few times during the long ongoing course of the Fairy Tail manga that may have connections to Alvarez Empire attempting to invade Ishgar for Lumen Histoire.

So tell me of your own theories, speculations and opinions about the connections to the Alvarez Empire. I'm not good with crackpot theories myself I'd admit lol.

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