Now that the GMG arc in the *cough* lame *cough* FT 2014 anime is near to an end, what will be the filler arc for the next season until the canon one (Sun Village arc although it's sorta short) will arrive as soon as Tartarus arc is waay far enough from the anime?

Something about Ginger from Twilight Ogre, some old anime characters whom we haven't saw for a long time (take Bora, Eisenwald Chicken, Sue, Boze, etc.) or even new filler characters with unique Magics and abilities with badassedry (I'm looking forward to see that) or a neighboring country near Fiore (any kind of country in the Earth Land map whether big or small like Pergrande Kingdom or Bellum, whatever country) where its bad guys attempts to pick a fight with Fairy Tail or cook up some evil plot which FT may try to stop them like Carbuncle (Dyst, Cannon, Chase, Coordinator) and the Principality of Veronica or allies from another country helps FT beat their enemies.

So what will it be guys?

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