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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Okay as much as I completely despise that Shouta Aizawa wannabe for all of Irene's painful past that led her to become one of Zeref's cruelest and powerful followers in Alvarez and the complete estrangement with her daughter Erza, my mind seems boggled to the fact how the hell did he manage to survive Acnologia's rampage that also killed Belserion and walked away unscathed with Irene?

    I mean sure he did fought alongside Irene during the entire Dragon Civil War prior to his dumbass racist/misogynist actions towards his wife and unborn daughter when the former starts turning into a Dragon but how exactly?

    He doesn't appear much of a powerful fighter from the looks of it unless he's more of a tactician from the back than a front-liner.

    But then again…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Forgive me for being ignorant of sorts but something has been bugging into my mind recently. Especially about the Fiore Royal Family and their middle name, E?

    What does it stand for and what does it mean? The E name which is somehow familiar with the D name from One Piece where several characters like Luffy, Garp, Jaguar, and Trafalgar as examples. Just my opinion and no offense. That's something it came to my head after noticing the word E.

    Toma E. Fiore and Hisui E. Fiore. They are the only two known characters in the FT universe with middle name E and they're the Royal Family of the Fiore Kingdom. Although what also happened to the Queen, the mother of Hisui and husband of Toma, just a side question of mine.

    Anyways happy commenting and st…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    You know, I find the revelation kinda weird behind Irene's tragic backstory that led to her madness and insanity after becoming a Dragon in motherly defense of her unborn daughter Erza and stayed that way for 400 years until Zeref came along and enchanted her into re-assuming her previous human form but he claimed she is no longer human due to her Dragon physiology now.

    If Irene really DID lose her senses as she claimed them to be: how come she was able to see, touch, and hear just perfectly fine? Of course she can't taste or probably smell too when it comes to food or people if she wanted to track them by scent down like most Dragon Slayers would do.

    I would bet that Irene had lost her senses to extreme PTSD that she had suffered by the hea…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Okay aside from God Serena confirmed to be dead by Acnologia after killing him and returned as a Historia by Neinhart before getting OHKOed again by Gildarts, where the hell are the Ten Wizard Saints?!

    This recent arc has almost completely devolved into just Fairy Tail vs the whole Alvarez Empire like in the Tartaros arc as allied Guilds are swept aside to the background except for Sting, Rogue, Minerva and Yukino of Sabertooth; Jellal and ex-Oracion Seis members of Crime Sorcerie; and Kagura of Mermaid Hell.

    Where's Quartro Cerberus in that arc? They've been noticeably absent for too long. Just wondering...

    Anyway back to the main topic.

    Meanwhile the three of Four GOI and Jura were nowhere to be seen even after God Serena beaten their asses …

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Hey what's up, Bato here again and I made another blog just to kill boredom once again. Something out of topic from the current Alvarez Empire arc and it's about the Guild Wars in the events of Fairy Tail Zero.

    In Mavis' time, Guilds fight each other for commercial rights, land and establishments along with gaining status and removing competition on their rivals. As shown with Red Lizard and Blue Skull clashing with the latter victorious and the former wiped out along with the entire village, leaving Mavis and Zera (illusion) alone in Tenrou Island.

    With all the warring between Mages around the country at least if it didn't spread to Ishgar's countries due to Mashima focusing solely on one place only, I'm surprised Fiore had managed to endur…

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