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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Okay aside from God Serena confirmed to be dead by Acnologia after killing him and returned as a Historia by Neinhart before getting OHKOed again by Gildarts, where the hell are the Ten Wizard Saints?!

    This recent arc has almost completely devolved into just Fairy Tail vs the whole Alvarez Empire like in the Tartaros arc as allied Guilds are swept aside to the background except for Sting, Rogue, Minerva and Yukino of Sabertooth; Jellal and ex-Oracion Seis members of Crime Sorcerie; and Kagura of Mermaid Hell.

    Where's Quartro Cerberus in that arc? They've been noticeably absent for too long. Just wondering...

    Anyway back to the main topic.

    Meanwhile the three of Four GOI and Jura were nowhere to be seen even after God Serena beaten their asses …

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Hey what's up, Bato here again and I made another blog just to kill boredom once again. Something out of topic from the current Alvarez Empire arc and it's about the Guild Wars in the events of Fairy Tail Zero.

    In Mavis' time, Guilds fight each other for commercial rights, land and establishments along with gaining status and removing competition on their rivals. As shown with Red Lizard and Blue Skull clashing with the latter victorious and the former wiped out along with the entire village, leaving Mavis and Zera (illusion) alone in Tenrou Island.

    With all the warring between Mages around the country at least if it didn't spread to Ishgar's countries due to Mashima focusing solely on one place only, I'm surprised Fiore had managed to endur…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Hello guys again Bato here! Another blog created to kill my boredom. :D Although technically this may not be related to Fairy Tail wiki but it's kinda related regardless because we are in Hiro Mashima's world and we loved it so much! Peace!

    I was wondering if there is such a possibility of a Rave Master anime reboot in a span of 100-200 and more episodes in Fairy Tail animation after the 1990's series that ended only at 50 episodes with a classic anime-style. Too bad it wasn't continued either even at the end of the manga where Mashima focused on Fairy Tail.

    The Rave manga was one of the best works of Hiro Mashima ever and had me reading its entire story over and over again whenever I feel bored. Despite its end, references of that awesome m…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    I am not sure whether someone here in this wiki had already made a blog about this or maybe I'm the first to do so but then again who am I kidding?

    Anyways, this blog is about God Serena who had debuted in the Alvarez Empire arc as the First God of Isghar and the most powerful Mage of the continent who had defected to the Alvarez Empire and joined the Spriggan 12 under Emperor Spriggan aka Zeref according to Hyberion, the Second God of Isghar.

    From the looks of God Serena, he looks way too suspiciously like Yury Dreyar, one of Fairy Tail (Guild)'s founding members (Mavis Vermilion, Precht Gaebolg and Warrod Sequen) who appears to be on a very, very bad mood written all over his face for some reason if I'm not wrong.

    My theory is that he might…

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  • Bato of the Heavy Iron Rock Hammer

    Oh hey guys! Bato here being all lazy and decided to make another blog to pass off time. Lol

    While waiting for the rest of the Spriggan 12 to appear in future chapters since Brandish μ, August, Ajeel Lamur, Invel, Dimaria Yesta and their newest addition, God Serena already made their debut, I'm looking forward to the appearance of the other members of the Ten Wizard Saints of the Ishgar continent.

    With Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod Sequen and God Serena before his defection to the Alvarez Empire: the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgar, Jura Neekis and Makarov Dreyar were already seen as the six Wizard Saints appearing in the series not including the former ones like Jose Porla and Jellal Fernandes as Siegrain.

    I hope that the other unseen Wizard Sain…

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