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I find that I am both annoyed and grateful for what Mashima did in this chapter. I'm annoyed that he made Raven Tail weaklings and/or made Laxus way powerful. All of us were expecting an epic war between Fairy Tail and Raven Tail and we got a one-sided battle between the dark guild's "elite" and Laxus. Though I'm happy that Mashima did it because it makes it possible for the tournament to continue. The next battle is between the lolis. Rem's dream come true! Anyway, Chelia seems to be an interesting character and I'm kinda thinking that she may be related to Zeref or was that just a coincidence? Anyway, seems like Obra is not human. He's true form seems to be the cat/dog/shadow thing.

Also, Imma going to sleep now. Good luck to the members of the Lightning Update Tribe. Hope I'm the one in charge and not just a member xD I don't want to be excommunicated first!

P.S. In case you haven't read it yet. Here's the link:

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