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If you want me to create user badges, kindly leave the requests at my blog. All requests left on my talk page will be ignored. Thank you.

  • Bored with a page? Want it redesigned? Visit the Dragons of Design and we'll take care of it!
  • Want to know more about your favorite character? Or who their love interests are? Visit the Relación Seis and we'll take care of it!
  • Tired of out-dated articles? No need to worry! The Lightning Update Tribe is officially open!
  • Need any help? Team Element Seven is willing to help new and old users alike. Just leave a message on their talk page or visit her.
  • LegendAqua is hosting some battles between our favorite characters here. (On Hiatus)
  • Monkey.D.Me is hosting a contest to determine whose avatar is the best here.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Even though this topic has been brought up multiple times in the past, I've decided to create another "Who's your all time favorite and least favorite characters?" blog. Give your top 5 favorite and top 5 least favorite and I'll summarize it so that we can know which character is most love by the people here in the wiki and which is most hated xD

Laxus Mugshot
Erza in X791 proposal2
Mirajane Avatar
Top 3
Jiemma PP
Sting Close Up
Natsu mugshot
Bottom 3

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