Well the content of the blog is as mentioned in the title. After seeing more and more comments on people wanting Jellal and CS to appear, i was like okay you want to see him and i was among them too in the beginning. But after weeks and weeks i started to wonder as the plot moves, is it a good idea to even try and expand Jellal's role in the Tartarus arc. We have moved to the last of the Nine Demon Gates, Kyouka, who probably would be defeated by Erza and that'll just leave us with E.N.D. and Mard as the remaining enemy.

So this is usually the part of the write-up where i don't like and want to happen. Of course Jellal and his friends can appear, they can even help FT if they want, but here's the thing, knowing Mashima, he'll probably also use Jellal and his allies as some sort of scapegoat to show E.N.D.'s power and only for E.N.D. to be beaten by FT or in the worst case, Natsu and Gray. (<-Many people will hate this for sure).

Surely everyone here knows about Mashima's usage of Ten Wizard Saint class level mages, the list consisting of Jellal, Makarov, Gildarts, Laxus and Jura. I didn't include Walrod because we never seen him fight. And ironically despite being such powerful figures, they were rarely even used properly to show their strength, or were placed in comedic situation like Jellal had to face during his match with Jura.

In fact, i believe i can list the number of times the 5 characters i mentioned are used properly rather than improperly.

  1. Jellal - He didn't even do anything significant for his level of strength till his fight against OS. Hell Jellal never even won a fight till then.
  2. Jura - Jura the no. 5 of the Ten Wizard Saint, the supposingly strongest human mage who one-shot Orga and yet he was defeated Laxus. Surely it's not worth complaining by now but it was back then. Jura rose to the number 5 by using 7 years, and then Laxus who was only training for three months obtained the strength to actually defeat Jura. So can we now assume Laxus is the strongest human mage?
  3. Makarov - I believe the only time he used Fairy Law was during the Phantom Lord arc and Tenrou arc which was unsuccessful but after that Makarov stopped using Fairy Law altogether.
  4. Gildarts - Gildarts was treated at the better end of the stick, he managed to scare the shit out of Natsu and sent Bluenote flying. After that, Gildarts just went on with his journey which i thought was actually a good move by Mashima because we don't have to see Gildarts suffering the same fate as the others.
  5. Laxus - Laxus well he's also treated slightly better, though he still isn't. Like during the battle against Hades, Laxus was demoted to a power-up tool for Natsu which Jellal also suffered during the OS arc. Of course it doesn't mean Laxus hasn't been used correctly he has been used correctly throughout the GMG which was a good thing until the Dragons appear. Now Laxus is way stronger than Natsu yet why the hell is Natsu's attack more effective on a Dragon than Laxus. Seriously, yes people can say Laxus was hurt or tired after the fight against Jura but Natsu was also defeated and injured by Future Rogue worst of all Laxus was healed while Natsu wasn't. The only thing that managed to whole it barely in my opinion was Natsu having Atlas Flame's help.

Well i think i've said all i wanted to say for now and why i think Jellal shouldn't appear though keep in mind i wouldn't mind Jellal appearing i would in fact love it if he can appear but i still believe Mashima should do what he did with Laxus during the Phantom Lord and the on-going Tartarus arc, sidelined Laxus, in fact he should sideline all those in this list so that fans don't have to endure seeing this group of characters being mistreated or misused.

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