Okay just made this blog due to the recent ongoing discussion over Gray's Ice Devil Slayer (IDS) magic on whether it should be permanent or not. So i'll just write out my thoughts over this issue.

Power-up permanent, the good:

  • Gray's character gets some development. I know some may not care about character development for Gray, and i don't care myself but others still do, and honestly Gray's character has been very stale ever since his return from Tenrou. When Gray died in the Eclipse arc, i even thought it was a good decision. Gray was originally introduced as Natsu's rival but by the time it reached to the Tenrou and up till the Tartarus arc before Gray became a Devil Slayer, i felt that Gray could no longer even be considered as Natsu's rival. Ever since Natsu gained the Lightning Flame mode, and mastered it, Natsu seemed to have outclass Gray. Not saying Gray is weak, but still Gray had trouble against Rufus, while Natsu defeated Sting and Rogue singlehandedly (BS but he still won and i like the fact that Natsu kick the ass of those two losers), it made the gap look even bigger. Then we saw Gajeel in his Iron Shadow mode, by then i seriously felt that Gajeel should replace Gray and was ready to applause Mashima when he killed Gray. Unfortunately that didn't happen and Gray's character continue to get staler and staler. But then he suddenly obtained the IDS magic, that breathe a new life into Gray, i mean now he has something that could do him some good and even make him worthy of being Natsu's rival again.
  • The IDS is Silver's only inheritance to Gray. Gray literally has nothing of his parents to remind him of them. So if the power-up is permanent, it means that Gray has a proper inheritance from one of his parents.

And as usual, with the good comes the bad:

  • Gray losing his original fighting method. I know many might not care about that since probably they either don't care about Gray or they want him to keep that power-up. But like Erza, Gray might lose how he originally fights, Gray uses his imagination couples with his ice-make as his main battle method, but look at how Gray fight once he obtained the IDS? He started to switch to brute strength like Natsu, that in my opinion ruined the image over Gray. And over time, Gray might become like Erza, i no longer remember any good fights from Erza since well Erza vs Erza. After the battle against Azuma, Erza's fighting method changed completely. It went to three phases only. Opponent attacks with huge powerful moves and Erza takes damage. Beat up Erza says a speech and powers-up. Erza one shots opponent. Seems common, that's what Natsu usually does. ( =_=)
  • Cliche. Yes it's simple cliche, there are way too many slayers in the series already. Gray is like the 11th Slayer in the series. I'm starting to think that even Lucy and Erza can become slayers and Natsu's team can be officially named the FT Slayers team. Seriously, if we add another slayer i think FT can change its name to Slayers Tail.
  • A failed attempt on reviving Gray's character. The IDS which meant to serve as a development for Gray may prove to bring more harm than good. Lets be honest, this power up is clearly bad. This IDS power-up which is like a desperate attempt to try and make Gray relevant yet it makes people feel that "oh great, he gets a power-up and joins the Slayer group" which would make Gray become more irrelevant that he already is cause he'll be overshadowed by other Slayers mainly the Dragon Slayers. In fact, the IDS felt like a cheap power-up considering Gray could use it immediately.

Well done with the permanent, i'll head to the temporary power up. The good:

  • Gives the IDS a special meaning. Look at the Dragon Slayers DS), when the series start, it was quite good since there were only 1 DS but then eventually more and more gets introduced and now with seven DS, DS no longer seem special, in fact at times i feel like Lucy and Yukino's magic is more special than theirs. So instead of diminishing the Devil Slayer like what happened to the Dragon and God Slayers, Gray's power-up had best be temporary. Look back at the chapter when Gray land the final attack to Mard, it not only gave Mard a sense of threat to Natsu and Gray, it also showed that Devil Slayer Magic is truly effective to Devils. But if Gray keeps it and use it as his normal magic, then it'll fall to what the DS magic is now. Just a common magic.
  • Gives a sense of closure. The IDS is a magic given by Silver to Gray to destroy Tartarus, if the magic disappears after Gray destroys Tartarus like Silver wanted, it gives a feeling of closure like Silver is now truly in peace.
  • A quicker end to the BS. Unlike Dragon Slayer and God Slayers, Gray literally had no training on how to use the IDS yet he can use it at the same level as the other Slayers. Too farfetched and illogical, better make it temporary and end it earlier. Some may say that the tattoo gives Gray information on how to use the IDS but having the knowledge to use and being able to use it immediately is two different things.
  • No cliche, we don't need another Slayer. End of story.
  • Repetitive Gray. Ever since Gray receive the IDS, he went to an repetitive streak. I believe he has been going about how he'll destroy Tartarus for several times already. I don't want Gray to continue on that stupid repetitive state and says i'll destroy Zeref next. Probably many don't want that too.

To the bad of it being temporary, can't really think of the bad except for it being a reverse of the good for permanent. Well maybe the fact we'd never see it again, but that is also a good fact, so whatever.

Either way, the IDS isn't going to do Gray any good, so i'll prefer to make it a temporary one and end it after this arc.

Feel free to give your opinion over this topic. Bye.

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