Bloody king of spirits what the hell did i just saw in this episode. Now i know it's probably not a bad episode to some or many but i just didn't like it like it.

First off, how did Lucy suddenly regained her clothes. Even though i had guessed it since the preview, i never thought the anime would just suddenly change Lucy's outfit like it magically transformed back.

Second, what the hell is with the Gottfried spell. It's like some random last minute though up super forgotten magic to try and make Hisui useful after making her so useless..... =__= This is actually worst than when they make Yukino use Urano Metria.

Third, what's with the random Deneb appearance. ( .___.) They even make a lousy joke out of it by having the self defence system not functioning properly.

Fourth, they are still keeping that stupid Black Flame mode. One episode back, Natsu becomes sick because of it, now he can use it properly. =___= Please just stop it.

Fifth, Ophiuchus' ability at the start of the episode. Even though i know it's the usual issue where they change it so that they can make sure Natsu wins, it's still stupid to change it, plus isn't this ability just a copy of Totomaru. =___=

Six, i no longer know what to say regarding the group inside Astral Spyritus. Juvia being the usual i love Gray thing is just dumb, i mean even Mashima displays her as serious when she needs to yet in this crisis, all they do is portray her as all Gray praising. And when Levy said Trinitas, how did Hisui suddenly thought of it, it's like they can communicate. >___>

Well now that i said i complain, i'll say a few things i feel is good about the episode. First, they make sure everyone play a role, regardless if its relevant or not even Hisui, though i clearly disliked it. Wendy almost destroying the globe and Ophiuchus actually trying to stop her from doing so, i feel like this is probably the only part i liked on the episode. By the way did anyone notice where Wendy was looking around 1:00 minute at the start. And when Happy's wings starting to when he was about to Natsu, for a moment i almost thought the anime producers is going to bring back the dreadful Nappy Dragneel. >___>

2 more episodes to go. Hopefully my sanity will remain or i'll just skip the last 2 episodes entirely.

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