After finishing the latest FT episode, i can't helped but to be pissed off and make this blog to express my displeasure.

The 12 Golden CS knows about the effect of Liberum was a good info for me since we won't have to go with the plot of "this is not the freedom we want, please save us" type of plot plus it showed how determine the Eclipse Spirits are to obtain their "absolute freedom". But everything after that was just terrible, beyond terrible.

First, didn't Hisui mentioned last week that only CS mage can use the Force Closed Gate Key, how come everyone can use it now. =___= Then Walren being able to do a long scale telepathy, didn't he say he had a limit range to how long and wide he can use telepathy in the Tartarus arc. Where's the logic?

Moving on the stages where FT will battle the 12 spirits. So let me get this straight, we have:

  1. A disco dance battle with some afro loving dude with crab hands.
  2. A quiz, okay maybe it's not bad since the competitors, but seriously in a battle where the CS are putting their lives on the line, and it's a quiz battle?
  3. A Yu-Gi-Oh card battle ripoff.
  4. An archery contest.
  5. A hide and seek game with Gemini.
  6. An amusement park battle , like we haven't seen one before. =__=
  7. A possible tanning contest with Aries. >___>
  8. And for some reason, the Libra stage that just felt very random and was just added because they don't know what to do with her.

Almost all of the battle feels like it's some last minute randomly thought up idea. And the way Eclipse Taurus lost was so WTF, of all reasons, he lost because of sweat, yeah Elfman is disgusting but you could've just beat the guy first and go take a shower later.

Anyway, i've been thinking, doesn't Eclipse Virgo look like what Meredy would look like if she becomes a delinquent. And Deneb who looks like a fusion of Rogue and Kira from Bleach.

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