And as many expected Juvia survives. Seems like my prediction on Wendy healing Juvia to hit jackpot, since it's not fully BS this time, i'm fine with it.

The chapter itself was not bad, it was good enough to keep me interested in it, still feels like a joke though. I remember discussing with CNBA3 on the issue of having Invel reveal Natsu is END from the start and that would be better and i believe this chapter just proves it. Invel is just going to reveal that Natsu is END anyway, why didn't he just do that from the start. This just makes the events that transpired in the past few chapters redundant, even if we count the "power-up" Gray underwent here, it's kinda pointless because the same could've happen too without having to go through all that roundabout events in the first place just for the sake of forced drama. This is like the entire "war" itself, it started with FT vs Alvarez then Mashima added the other guilds but in the end he simply reverts back to the starting point which is Alvarez vs FT again. It makes you question the purpose in adding the other guilds when they're just going to be phase off unceremoniously into oblivion.

Also i think that we may have been handed the biggest, fastest tide turn in 1 chapter though. It started off with 12, 11 after God bye-bye, and in this chapter we go down straight to 3 Spriggan. Neinhart down = Historia down so 8, add Invel into the list of condemned, we're down 7. Then there's Brandish so 6. Judging from the title for 501, Dimaria may soon to be charm by Brandish or maybe they'll take each other out, either way 5 remain. Jacob and Ajeel are pretty much irrelevant at this junction so minus 2 and we're left with 3 Spriggan: August, Irene and Larcade.

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