Okay nice start with Irene, Zeref and her kill Erza thing, but after the incident with Silver, are we supposed to just believe it wholeheartedly, only time will tell at this point but i simply just don't care about this. By the way is Neinhart suppose to be another enhancement like the sword sister?

The remainder of the chapter was pretty much bland, Gildarts crashing the battlefield. We now know Mashima's answer on how to deal with a giant army without involving too many character. How is Elfman and Lisanna holding against Ajeel? He is still a guy who overpowered Erza in the beginning of the war, talk about how the mighty has fallen. >_>

And as expected the obligatory ice vs. ice battle begins, it would've been much better if the last page with Mavis wasn't shown. Now i'm sincerely hoping someone would interfere this fight, even Natsu would be fine. Still if you call Invel the Winter Mage, at least let him use snow too. A snowball fight between him and Gray might prove be more interesting than seeing them fight. We could at least get a good laugh off it, if done properly.

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