Lazy to wait for a review blog to come out, so i'll just list my thoughts out now.

  1. Gildarts vs Serena. One-shot incoming
  2. Very manly indeed Elfman. -_- Now stand down before you hurt someone with your uselessness.
  3. Jacob. Well he's still as gay and incompetent as usual. Glad to see that he's in character. Now just kick him in the balls Mira.
  4. Parent of the Year Award: The Connells
  5. Rogue and Minerva. At least we know who gets the obligatory off-screen fight now.
  6. Sorano O_O What did Richard/Hoteye do to you.
  7. And God Bye-Bye. Now can we officially just say good bye to this clown of a man and move forward like the title said.

So 1 down 11 to go. Onward to the next jobber Invel.

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