This is a very bad chapter for me. The fight itself was just a repeat of what we saw in Tartaros arc with different characters and sequence only.

First about Bradman, his character turn from interesting straight to ripoff of the Nine Demon Gates. And then there's Gajeel who is pulling an anime Laxus vs. Tempesta round 2 which is worse to me than Laxus vs. Wahl that many people complain about. Finally there's the method how Gajeel manage to power-up using the Magical Barrier Particles was which probably the worst thing in this chapter, even Natsu with all his BS of eating stuff in fights such as when he ate Laxus' lightning, the Etherion etc, doesn't turn out that bad as this now. At the very least Natsu was eating magic, this is supposed to be something harmful to magic. Besides, what's with the iron particle thing, where the hell did that come from, how did he suddenly gain the ability to attack Bradman just because he ate the Magical Barrier Particles.

Dragon Force Gajeel


Btw is Gajeel's power-up in this chapter even the Dragon Force? Or will it turn into some random Black Iron mode thing cause after the Dragon King Mode i no longer know what is what anymore. I suppose this is another one of those confusing unclear things. I personally want it to be the Dragon Force, much simpler than having some random new mode.

Okay done with my ranting, i'll talk on some other stuff like where the hell is Rahkeid? Is he waiting for his turn or something cause all the soldiers are getting their ass handed to them. Shouldn't he be at least doing something to help them.

On Natsu's side, as expected they won't be any negotiation here, thankfully not because of Natsu cause i don't think we need some really random stupid Natsu anytime soon. Apparently Natsu and Lucy can't differentiate August's strength to be that different from Brandish like Mest can or this is just Mashima's way of saying Mest you're weak now GTFO. Hopefully it doesn't turn out bad like this chapter but i probably shouldn't harbor any hopes as usual.

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