Too pissed off to wait for someone to post their review so i'll just do a rant blog on my own.


Seriously Ultear back? Why Mashima why!!! That's a stupid move, sure there'll be people happy to see her again but to me that's just a stupid move, you made her actions in the Eclipse arc look lame. And the feels on the chapter Drop of Time became meaningless. What next? Simon being Neinhart? Igneel, Silver or God Serena somehow returning back to live. There's also the fact that she returns and automatically become the counter to Dimaria? What is this? Bleach, character appearing and countering one after another. Plus this is a completely waste of a Spriggan cause now it feels like Dimaria was created solely for Ultear to return to the story. And after the way she went MIA from the story, you pull this which IMO does more damage to her character than good, seriously you wrote her off so beautifully and destroyed that write off brutally.

Worst of all, i don't see how the hell can her return is good in any way. Maybe to her fans it's a good thing, but to me this is just a bad move. Just on the letter alone, now the purpose to her letter she wrote to Jellal and Meredy on overcoming their sins became "what's the need of the bloody farewell letter, you just returned with those two at the same chapter". And now we have to undergo another useless shipping wars between the Gruvia fans and Gray x Ultear fans because Ultear returned. Great real great, one chapter and havoc arrises on the fandom again.

P.s. what's with the sudden Lyon x Meredy hint. ( =__=)

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