Well i'm expecting that there'll be lots of rage for the chapters and since its so awkwardly quite for some reason i've decided to make a blog. Anyway personally i liked the two chapters very much. Simple reason, Avatar = Useless. Useless = No need to focus on them too long. So finishing them by this week is a good thing to me. Plus i like what Natsu did for the 2nd chapter. Anyway here goes.

  • Best Moment of the chapters: Natsu's new move. Seriously i know it's the same thing as the old one but seeing him pay homage to Igneel brought tears to me eye. Hey at least there's an actual proper character development for Natsu once instead of plain old Nakama logic.
  • Worst Moment of the chapters: Happy being useless again. i'll explain below.
  • Logic Fail of the chapters: Why the hell is that dumb cat just standing there? He could've just carry Natsu to the top of the God's head, instead of just looking on worried about him.
  • Star of the chapters: Natsu. I'm sure many would disagree or just rage on, but as i said above, this time there's a proper character development for Natsu rather than just plain Nakama logic so i'll give the probs.
  • Jobber of the chapters: Unfortunately, Natsu's shining mean the jobber of another in this case its the God of War.
  • Holy sh!t moment of the chapters: For the first time we actually seen a "God" being summoned in Fairy Tail well getting owned kinda makes it look lame though.
  • Upset of the chapters: End up we finish the entire fight without Gajeel, Lily and Levy doing anything, whoever said those three has received the Magic Council trend of appearing after the fight should receive a cookie. >___>

Overall thoughts, it has its good and bad literally the two chapters were entirely setup on Natsu solely, so it's something to complain on that i'll fully agree. And for some reason, all of Erza's panel for the 2nd chapter shows her blushing towards Natsu.....i better stop here before i get into trouble. But i still like that Natsu actually has shown some growth in character which is actually permanent for once.

Thoughts on the arc or Avatar event: Avatar is jobber. Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Wendy shows improvements. Juvia became a stripper, we still don't know where's Gajeel and the council.

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