Comment for the chapter: Former friends, bitter enemies? Hmm sound cliche whatever.

Chapter Analysis:

  • Best Moment of the Chapter: The 3 or should i say 2 Avatar members still not defeated yet. Congratulations to those that guessed that.
  • Worst Moment of the Chapter: Hmm no Briar perhaps?
  • Character of the Chapter: I'd say it goes to Gajeel, Gray could be consider for this spot too.
  • Upset of the Chapter: For me i'd say the fact Natsu vs Gray which was interupted half way. I guess Mashima doesn't want Gray to be defeated so soon.
  • LOL of the Chapter: Wendy and Juvia.
  • Holy Sh!t moment of the chapter: Gray erasing the FT mark? Well not really but maybe for some. IDK
  • Logic Fail of the chapter: How did Abel use Mr Cursey without Happy's hair/fur?
  • Jobber of the Chapter: I'd say D-6 takes the spot at least Abel and the Jura wannabe did something. I wonder what happened to him.
  • Surprise of the Chapter: Levy being the spy, that's a good choice by Mashima indeed.
  • Spot of the Chapter: I'd say the page with the picture of Gray hitting the guild mark. Since it's not shown, i wonder if it's really removed.

Overall thoughts: Compared to last week, this week's chapter is way better. It makes Avatar prominent as villains again. For how long is unknown but who cares. I like that Mashima used Levy as the spy, it's a smarter move rather than having a member of Avatar as the traitor. And Gray's change in character is well pace. So is Gajeel, i personally liked his change the most, please don't change that with some stupid bicker with Natsu. Overall I have little complain over the chapter, everything is okay though i'd say i have no interest over the purification thing. It's bound to fail anyway. ( .__.)

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