Okay i'll just do a one time thing for this week and do a review blog for this week's chapter. So after 383 chapters, our main heroine finally gets her chance at soloing (well not really solo since there's her Celestial Spirits too but lets skip that fact) the main stage for the first time. Now then.

Chapter 383 Surfing Lucy analysis:

  • Best part of the chapter: Lucy. Need i explain more. :)
  • Worst part of the chapter: n/a (It's a miracle)
  • Logic fail of the chapter: Loke and Virgo. The duo could sustain themselves using their own magic, they could just switch to using their own magic instead of burdening Lucy.
  • Shocker of the chapter: Torafusa. He finally reappears after he went missing for 27 chapters.
  • Lol moment of the chapter: Lamy and Virgo's comment towards each other.
  • Best character(s) of the chapter: Lucy.
  • Upset of the chapter: Unfortunately it's also Lucy, she was beat up by Jackal until the moment she decides to summon Aquarius.
  • OMG/Holy $h!t moment of the chapter: n/a

Just for this chapter.....

  • Best reaction towards the chapter: The best reaction i've seen right now is probably Reli's reaction.

Thoughts on the chapter: An excellent chapter overall. Lucy deserves her own spotlight after well 383 chapters. It seems like this arc gave focused on the MCs that hasn't have spotlight before, Afro Happy ( >_>), Wendy and now Lucy, which is actually a good change even temporary. Still i wonder what's going on with Plutogram, it went from a cube to a "library" to a city eating flying monster fish. ( -___- ) Well since next week's chapter title is "The stars attack(MP)/single strike of the stars(MS)" i guess we'll see more of Lucy next chapter too.

Yes i know it wasn't a review or anything but don't complain just comment and share your thoughts.

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