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  • B214

    Chapter 504: Rift

    October 1, 2016 by B214

    Hopefully i'm not breaking any policies here. Anyway on to the chapter.

    We now know the cause for this Natsu-Gray mess, waifus. Wow, Mashima hyped the entire Gray issue with E.N.D., the all seemingly important task from his dad, only for it to turn out to be a fight to vent out their frustration over losing their waifus. Silver and Igneel must be proud of Gray and Natsu. -_-

    Lesson learnt here: Never ever trust Mashima with anything that has supposedly good hypes, it'll end up being disappointing. This chapter pretty much allows us to guess how this Natsu-Gray death match can be solved already. Natsu went "berserk" because he thought Lucy's dead. Gray's snapping at Natsu because he thought Juvia's dead. The solution is quite obvious.

    I guess …

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  • B214

    Chapter 503: The Last Sight Seen

    September 26, 2016 by B214

    This is what happens when you don't kill your enemy immediately Mari you hopelessly foolish girl, you reap what you sow.

    As for E.N.D., rather than Natsu awakening as E.N.D., this is more like Natsu unlocking his demon powers. Still when Dimaria said it's more than E.N.D. i wonder if this means Natsu has the power of the God Slayer too, considering the fact that he ate Zancrow's flames before and even used it.

    The remainder of the chapter was quite redundant, i don't even feel anything towards the Lucy fanservice. That said, anyone think we'll really get a Gray vs Natsu next chapter cause somehow i don't see it happening anymore.

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  • B214

    Chapter 501: Mari and Randi

    September 12, 2016 by B214

    The chapter was better than i expected though, or maybe last week's chapter made this week's chapter look good. Either way i enjoyed it so not much of a complain from me. And we finally get the confirmation that Brandish wasn't serious in her earlier fights at all since she can just make organs explode. Does this explain the restoring or healing of organs though?

    Still it was funny to see Lucy being delusional, thinking that she has a chance to beat Brandish at all considering her magic, then again the fight sequence was actually kinda good and we get to see 2 more of her Star Dresses so i suppose it's quite good for a continuation from the previous chapter.

    Before i forget, my complain about this chapter, why are we back to torture again? C…

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  • B214

    Chapter 500: Fire and Ice

    September 5, 2016 by B214

    And as many expected Juvia survives. Seems like my prediction on Wendy healing Juvia to hit jackpot, since it's not fully BS this time, i'm fine with it.

    The chapter itself was not bad, it was good enough to keep me interested in it, still feels like a joke though. I remember discussing with CNBA3 on the issue of having Invel reveal Natsu is END from the start and that would be better and i believe this chapter just proves it. Invel is just going to reveal that Natsu is END anyway, why didn't he just do that from the start. This just makes the events that transpired in the past few chapters redundant, even if we count the "power-up" Gray underwent here, it's kinda pointless because the same could've happen too without having to go through a…

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  • B214

    Chapter 499: Gray & Juvia

    August 29, 2016 by B214

    Even though it was a good chapter, good enough to keep me slightly interested in it, i still can't get the feel about this fight. I guess the fact that Juvia's chances of living being high is a factor. After the Gajeel incident, this chapter just feels empty, you can't actually pour in any emotions into believing Juvia is actually dead or will die. And it was a nice chapter too, if only the setup to this was a bit better. Maybe it'll change if Juvia is actually dead, though i'll probably be celebrating than crying in that situation.

    That being said the blood transfusion moment was kinda dumb, like some poor attempt to get feeling out of this. If preventing blood lost is enough to keep you two alive, Gray could've just freeze the wounds to p…

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