I guess if you're reading this, that means you wanna know what's inside this blog~ (Or you're just bored and happens to find this)

Well, first of all. Hi! This is Aze, the most random and laziest girl in my school~ Actually... I don't know what to write about? I don't do much in this Wiki other than going to the chat room to chat or be ignored -.- It happens a lot. I'm kinda bored since I'm not part of the MSG and ASG. Huh... this blog entry is getting weird. Now, I'm saying stupid things~

Oooooh, I wanna tell you one random fact! I recently read a book with the title "One Thousand Paper Cranes". You know in Japan, if you fold one paper crane, it represents a thousand years of happiness? Then, if you fold one thousand paper cranes mean one million years of happiness!

This book is based on a real story. The Children's Peace Statue in Japan is build because of one girl named Sadako Sasaki. At first.. I thought it was a story about that Ghost Sadako. Well, I was wrong there~

It's a good story~ I almost cried! (but I was in public -.- so, I didn't cry) She folded more than 1500 cranes, but didn't reach 2000 cranes. She thought that if she fold 1000 cranes, she can be healed. Yes, she had Leukimia.

Well, it's a great story! If you go to Japan, why don't you visit the Children's Peace Statue?! Maybe you already know this.. but I'm bored and have nothing else to write :p

Oh, if you're wondering the answer to the riddle I post... Chaos is right!! The brothers switched horses~ If brother A uses brother B's horse and brother A reaches the castle first, than brother A's horse would be the second one to reach the castle! So, that's the answer :) Hope you enjoyed the riddle~

I'll post another riddle soon... When I'm really really bored! Bye, guys~

AzegawaIrie Jescar 04:45, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

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