Alright! For once I'm not feeling bored~ I wanted to talk to you guys about the recent Fairy Tail episodes.

Okay, I really like this new arc, The Key to The Starry Sky. It seems interesting and has a lot of mysteries. The characters I'm fine with because they're all Edolas counterparts.

Now, what bothers me is... the ending song for this arc. The more I see that ending the more I feel unease. Is this whole mystery revolve around Lucy and her father or is actually her mother? I don't want to be disappointed. I have high hopes for Layla's background!

Let me explain first. When I watched the latest Fairy Tail OVA, Memory Days. I'm kinda disappointed because what caused Natsu's scar is actually something trivial and not in the main plot. I feel like "What? So there's no cool explanation of Natsu's scar in the manga?! I guess it's not really important."

Get it now? I'm hoping in seeing the mystery of Layla's death in the main plot and not in an anime-only arc. If the arc contains something about Lucy's dad then it's fine, but I don't want Layla's background to be in an anime-only arc. I still have a feeling that Layla's mystery will be told in the manga because it also has a slight connection with the dragon's disappearance. (I still think Layla died the same day, not only the same year. Even though there's no chapter containing that information, I still believe in what I "thought" to see.)

Even so... I can't help but get that annoying feeling that it's not really important. So, I really need your opinion about this one~

Hey, at least this isn't some dumb post about me being bored :p

PS: Why can't I chat?! Ughhhh -.-

AzegawaIrie Jescar 03:26, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

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