Okay... just like the title says.. I'm bored and stressed out. I'm bored because I have nothing to do. I'm stressed out because I don't know which High School I'm going to.

So, I'm just gonna say random things to... I don't know... Not get bored?

I never once eat steak or pie. I like pie... they look tasty.. Steak too. Mmmmmm.. just thinking about it makes my mouth watery.

If you would have to choose between deserts or meat, what would you choose. The answer is pretty simple. For me... it's both... Hellooooo? What's good with eating if you don't have any meat and dessert. Unless you're a vegetarian and you don't eat meat. Or maybe you're on a diet because you wanna lose weight. Dude... seriously? Diet? Come on, don't kill yourself with only vegetables. Suuuure~ just because they are healthy doesn't mean you should eat it. Or should you?

Hey! Do you know that my actual online name is Koruna? Azegawa is suppose to be my online last name. Before you say anything, Koruna is actually a currency in a country, but i forgot what country.. I'm not interested in money if that's what you're thinking :p I'm not Hunger you know..

Hmmmm... What else should I write?

Oooooh~ I know!

I'll tell you a riddle! If you can answer this, YOU ARE AWESOME! (not that awesome, like me :p)

The Two Brothers

A Saxon king, displeased with the greed shown by his two son, left a will with an unusual provision: The sons were to mount their horses in a tiny town on the border of the kingdom and ride, without dismounting more than once, to the gate of the king's castle. The son whose horse arrived second at the castle gate was to be awarded the entire fortune.

When the king passed away, the sons began their "race", moving along slowly together for days on end. Each tried to go slower than the other and after a while, they got too sleepy that they had to dismount and get some sleep at an inn. While they slept, they each had their footmen alerted to notify them when the other left the inn. Actually, they left the inn together. As they were to mount their horses, one brother whispered a few words to the other, they both laughed, jumped into the saddles and raced the horses as fast as they could to the castle gate.

Can you tell me what the brother whispered?

Okay that's it! I'm tired typing :D Tell me the answer to this riddle~ Bye!

AzegawaIrie Jescar 15:47, June 5, 2012 (UTC)

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