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  • Azegawa

    Alright! For once I'm not feeling bored~ I wanted to talk to you guys about the recent Fairy Tail episodes.

    Okay, I really like this new arc, The Key to The Starry Sky. It seems interesting and has a lot of mysteries. The characters I'm fine with because they're all Edolas counterparts.

    Now, what bothers me is... the ending song for this arc. The more I see that ending the more I feel unease. Is this whole mystery revolve around Lucy and her father or is actually her mother? I don't want to be disappointed. I have high hopes for Layla's background!

    Let me explain first. When I watched the latest Fairy Tail OVA, Memory Days. I'm kinda disappointed because what caused Natsu's scar is actually something trivial and not in the main plot. I feel l…

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  • Azegawa

    I guess if you're reading this, that means you wanna know what's inside this blog~ (Or you're just bored and happens to find this)

    Well, first of all. Hi! This is Aze, the most random and laziest girl in my school~ Actually... I don't know what to write about? I don't do much in this Wiki other than going to the chat room to chat or be ignored -.- It happens a lot. I'm kinda bored since I'm not part of the MSG and ASG. Huh... this blog entry is getting weird. Now, I'm saying stupid things~

    Oooooh, I wanna tell you one random fact! I recently read a book with the title "One Thousand Paper Cranes". You know in Japan, if you fold one paper crane, it represents a thousand years of happiness? Then, if you fold one thousand paper cranes mean one m…

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  • Azegawa

    Okay... just like the title says.. I'm bored and stressed out. I'm bored because I have nothing to do. I'm stressed out because I don't know which High School I'm going to.

    So, I'm just gonna say random things to... I don't know... Not get bored?

    I never once eat steak or pie. I like pie... they look tasty.. Steak too. Mmmmmm.. just thinking about it makes my mouth watery.

    If you would have to choose between deserts or meat, what would you choose. The answer is pretty simple. For me... it's both... Hellooooo? What's good with eating if you don't have any meat and dessert. Unless you're a vegetarian and you don't eat meat. Or maybe you're on a diet because you wanna lose weight. Dude... seriously? Diet? Come on, don't kill yourself with only v…

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  • Azegawa

    Remembered it wrong?

    April 26, 2012 by Azegawa

    Finished my exam... Not feeling too good about it... *sob* Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! My science exam!! I already got 3 answers wrong!! What kind of person am I? Huh, and I have to wait one month?! ONE FREAKIN' MONTH?! Like I'm gonna live that long... I'm not a very patient person. Really...*sigh*

    Well, now to the real blog post.

    Okay, this happened a year ago. I once read (or so I think I did) a chapter of Fairy Tail! There's a scene with Natsu, Lucy, and Happy.

    Natsu: 7 July 777. That's the day when Igneel disappeared (keeps walking with Happy. Lucy suddenly stops a few feet behind Natsu)

    Happy: What's wrong Lucy?

    Lucy: That's the day when my mother died.

    I don't remember the details, but the conversation is more or less like this. That's how I know t…

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  • Azegawa

    My Time Has Come!

    April 23, 2012 by Azegawa

    My time has finally come!! Do you know what that means?! My National Examination is today! It's still going for 4 days! I'm finish with day 1 though.

    Okay, if you have seen me in the chat room last week, you'd probably know that. I kept panicking in the chat room about my homework and national exams. Hey, it's pretty stressful. Even though I'm stressed out, I am not gonna stick my finger in an electric socket like someone suggested. (I mean you, Chaos)

    I know. I know. I'm suppose to be studying right now, but I'm bored to tears. I don't know what to study. Seriously, I don't know what to study. Tomorrow is the English exam. I did my quiz, what now?

    I'm now chatting with my friend through Skype and apparently he's hearing "What makes you beautiful…

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