Ok so I was doing some re-watching of Fairy Tail and I don't get how Team Raven Tail(Grand Magic Games Arc) is the so called "anti-fairy tail". How can that team of five defeat Fairy Tail if they were defeated by just one member(Laxus). Their Magic has no relations to Fairy Tail A's magic so I don't get it.

Just to add If I would make an "Anti-Fairy Tail Team"(Main characters only) I would make it like this:

Natsu: Natsu's natural opposite would be Juvia(But she's Fairy Tail) so it would probably be Erigor, Aria or Ren. Probably Ren

Gray: Gray's natural opposite(and to all elemental type wizards) would be Ultear because of her Arc of Time.

Erza: Erza's counterpart would be Coordinator from Carbuncle due to her Dispelling Magic making Erza's requip useless.

Lucy: Lucy's counterpart would be Sherry because of her Doll Play Magic or Bickslow due to his Seith Magic(If he can control celestial spirits)

Wendy: Wendy's counterpart is Jura because of his Earth Magic which makes Wendy's sky Dragon Slayer Magic sometimes useless.

So instead of Raven Tails Team, here is Team "Anti-Fairy Tail"

Ren Akatsuki Ultear Milkovitch Coordinator Sherry Blendy/Bickslow Jura Neekis

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