Hello Fairy Tail Fans. I'm Avatar226 and I recently joined the wikia. I will be hosting the S-Class Fairy Tail Contest.

The contest will begin in a separate blog and this is how it works.

Go to the blog S-Class Contest there I will be posting questions about the fairy tail world. The person must have an wikia account to participate. Any "Wikia Contributors" will not be counted. A question will be posted at any day. There will be twelve questions.

In the comment post. If you see "Question #1 is now finished" that means the question is over and any answers after that is not accepted.

The winner will receive recognition for their winning.(Until a userbox is made)

Each Question equals 20 points. If there is a tie a seperate trivia will be held by the ties.

Question Guidelines:

  • No irrelevant comments in this blog.
  • Have Fun

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