Well its close to 2015 so lets start the S-Class quest from here. Hello everyone again to the Fairy Tail S-Class Contest. Its been a heck of a long time since we've done this but here are the rules:

1. Anyone can participate(Member of the Wikia)

2. When a question is posted in the comments, only the first person who answers will get the points unless the person leaves out information.

3.There will be 14 questions in the contest, all questions are random and are all connected to the Fairy Tail Universe.

4. If anyone wishes to post a question of their own, message me and I will post the question on your behalf with a honorable mention(Example: Submitted by ****........)

5. Honesty is the best policy!!!

Your reward is becoming an S-Class Wizard in Fairy Tail(Wiki) along with a beautiful userbox with Mirajane and eternal glory of being mentioned in each contest!

Halphas close-up This user is the winner of The Fairy Trivia Contest 2015

The previous winners were B214,(2013) and Fairy Tail Grand Master,(2014)

Time to join their ranks and become S-Class!

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