First of all:


No Kagura's are allowed on this blog. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

EDIT: From now on, Kagura's are allowed ( ._.)

Well it's been a loooong while since l last made a new a new blog >_> but l've decided to make another one to celebrate this New Year.

Ahem, so, 2012 is about to end or has already ended in some places ( ._.). For the last 3 days, it sounds like a war-zone here in the Netherlands. I wonder if that only happens here .-. Anyways, l can still remember everything happened while being on Wikia, and l can remember my first time to this wiki like it was yesterday ( .-.). Ever since that day in May, l've had many fun times with the craziness of this Wiki. Something that should never fade from here (。・ω・。). But let's skip the lame emotional part and go to the end ( ._.).

I wish you all a truly happy 2013, with lots of fortunes and fun (。・ω・。). And let's make it a blasted New Year full of fun, rapes and forced marriages :D.


And after the clock hits 12, it's time to...



May the Force be with you (。・ω・。).

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