Hello everyone! It's AtlasFlame206 and I would like to know what are your expectations once the Fairy Tail anime, which was currently on hiatus mode by Hiro Mashima, returns!

Well for me:

  • Better anime graphic animation as seen with Fairy x Rave OVA which was freaking awesome!
  • More and more Magic Seals (I really liked Magic Seals becuz it'll put more awesomeness to the chracters' Magic!)
  • Less talking and more fighting and lots of explosions! (Becuz after watching some episodes before up to Ep 175, it was very annoying to hear characters talking too much and too long before the good part starts!) And
  • No offense but hopefully Hiro Mashima and his anime team might extend all anime-only aka filler scenes or episodes of the Grand Magic Games arc to see the rest of the battles like the Grand Magic Game between all teams of six guilds, Rescue Team vs Garou Knights (the Garou Knights Leader and Member might be named eventually) and the Fiore Forces, all of the Mages and probably Fiore military (hopefully characters from Rave might make a cameo appearance fighting some hatchlings) vs Motherglare's hatchling army and the seven Dragon Slayers vs six Dragons (minus Atlas Flame who sided with Natsu) and I would like to see Cobra take on the Rock Dragon who is yet to be named, Gajeel against the Dark Dragon who is also yet to be named, Sting and Rogue vs Revire and Scissor Runner and the best of all Natsu and Atlas vs Future Rouge and Motherglare and all other fights in anime!!!!

So feel free to comment of what will be your expectations once Hiro Mashima brings back Fairy Tail anime once the manga is really really far away from the anime. FAIRY TAIL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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