• AtlasFlame206

    Hello everyone! It's AtlasFlame206 and I would like to know what are your expectations once the Fairy Tail anime, which was currently on hiatus mode by Hiro Mashima, returns!

    Well for me:

    • Better anime graphic animation as seen with Fairy x Rave OVA which was freaking awesome!
    • More and more Magic Seals (I really liked Magic Seals becuz it'll put more awesomeness to the chracters' Magic!)
    • Less talking and more fighting and lots of explosions! (Becuz after watching some episodes before up to Ep 175, it was very annoying to hear characters talking too much and too long before the good part starts!) And
    • No offense but hopefully Hiro Mashima and his anime team might extend all anime-only aka filler scenes or episodes of the Grand Magic Games arc to s…
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  • AtlasFlame206

    Hey guys, it's AtlasFlame206! And I would like to ask you of what's your first impression in your first time watching Fairy Tail?

    Well for me:

    It all started when my sister tipped me about that awesome anime. At first I wasn't interested because I misheard of her pronunciation and thought that she said 'Fairy Tale' (you know classic fairy tales) so I refused but when she insisted me in a "hard way", I finally decided to watch it and got so freakingly amazed of that show! All the awesome explosions, the intense fight scenes (including the brawls) and the flashy Magic Seals including the characters and story arcs, etc.!

    This is how I came to love Fairy Tail!

    Your turn, what's your story short or long? Comment now!

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  • AtlasFlame206

    Hey guys this is AtlasFlame206, and I would like to know if you guys would like a special crossover of Fairy Tail with Hiro Mashima's other works like Monster Hunter Orage and Monster Soul just like he did with Rave Master which produces a FT manga special and FT OVA 6.

    Let me know if you agree to this or not okay? Fairy Tail 4ever!

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  • AtlasFlame206

    Hey guys, this AtlasFlame206, and I'm making this blog about a possible Fairy Tail/Rave Master crossover story arc in the manga and then the anime! You know after the Fairy Tail OVA 6: Fairy Tail X Rave Master.

    And also hopefully the original English-dub and Japanese voice actors of Rave Master characters might reprise their roles in a crossover story arc.

    So type down your comments and tell me of your thoughts and doubts about it, ok? Aye Sir!

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  • AtlasFlame206

    Hey guys this is AtlasFlame206 and I would like to know of what new character(s) you imagined or dreamed to be part of the Fairy Tail universe!

    For me in my fired up imagination!:

    • Gandalf the Grey/White and other wizards of Middle-Earth
    • Ragnarok characters
    • Harry Potter and Co.
    • Percy Jackson and Co.
    • Monster Hunter characters
    • Kirito and Co. from Sword Art Online
    • Characters (Saber, Rider, Caster, Assassin, Archer, Lancer, & Berserker) from Fate series (Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, etc.)
    • Juan dela Cruz (for those who don't know who he is: he is a Filipino warrior wields a holy cross which transforms into various weapons and a shield like Erza Knightwalker's Ten Commandments spear)
    • Every anime that has fantasy and magic elements!

    So type down whatever chara…

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