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Cammile Heartfilia

Asukachan August 15, 2012 User blog:Asukachan

Welcome i all want you to meet

{{ |Name:Cammile Heartfilia |Age:17 |Guild:Cornucopia Guild |Relashionships:Lucy Heartfilias Step Sister

Lucy in swimsuit with Michelle

|Magic:Epic Keys |Keys:Callam,Mia,Meg,julianne,Ivan,Justa and 8 mysterious key |Collor:Pink {{


she is know for being charming and respectful like michelle and lucy~!


 Callam= the swag hair key
 Mia=the helping key
 Julianne= Key of the thousand hearts
 Meg=Key Of the great Dancing Katana
 Ivan= Key Of the great fire 
 Justa=key of the great fox

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