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    So Long, Guys !

    June 18, 2013 by Arvee100smart

    BTW, First time making a blog >.> ... *gulp*

    Yo Guys ! As You can see my Blog Title, "So Long" ,

    I'm Leaving The Wikia Permanently for Good ( ._.)

    Uh.. Mostly of you guys know me, I'm kinda a "nice guy" for some reasons >.>, acts like a kid who doesn't know pervy stuffs anything about this world, the one who doesn't say badwords unless it's REALLY necessarily and the only one who sleeps 8:00 in the evening. Now because of this wikia >.> my Father said it's affecting my grades and sleeps late (REALLY ?! About 8:00, sleeping ?!).

    I'm also leaving because, for some reasons, I have to focus in school and study hard in math, 'cause I got suck up on it and most of all, FATHER IS COMING HOME from an outside world Australia.

    Heesh, I don't care sister even she…

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