WARNING:Spoiler for anime-only fans!

So,what are your thoughts on Avatar arc and current Alvarez arc? Good? Bad? Average? My first impression of Avatar arc was ok ,then I felt it's taking the same route as some shounens do,these days(in a bad way).I felt it was nice that Gray was not really a traitor(a bit predictable,though).I was extremely unimpressed with Avatar guild(More like fodder guild). Then the so-called "God of War" came and got oneshotted by Natsu... This arc didn't live up to my(and apparantly many others') expectaions at all. Such a disappointment. Now positive things(in my view,at least):We were shown Lucy's new powers(not Erza's,she was already OP,enough) and of course Zeref's past,Natsu's true identity,Acknolgia's human form and Minerva and Lucy's interactions,That's all I can think of right now.

Then,we have Alvarez Empire arc which is doing good so far. We got to see more of Fairy tail universe,they actually have an exteremly powerful enemy,I liked Mavis's past(very sad). I'm really optimistic about it,I really look forward to reading more!

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