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    WARNING:Spoiler for anime-only fans!

    So,what are your thoughts on Avatar arc and current Alvarez arc? Good? Bad? Average? My first impression of Avatar arc was ok ,then I felt it's taking the same route as some shounens do,these days(in a bad way).I felt it was nice that Gray was not really a traitor(a bit predictable,though).I was extremely unimpressed with Avatar guild(More like fodder guild). Then the so-called "God of War" came and got oneshotted by Natsu... This arc didn't live up to my(and apparantly many others') expectaions at all. Such a disappointment. Now positive things(in my view,at least):We were shown Lucy's new powers(not Erza's,she was already OP,enough) and of course Zeref's past,Natsu's true identity,Acknolgia's human form…

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