Okay, so this is my first actual Review, so hopefully I cover the basis, hopefully I can learn to post gifs and pics.

Let me just start by saying by saying this, I am now completely in love Yukino, like no joke.

This episode changed my perspective on Sabertooth: Let me just start off by asking, why didn't Lector use Aera and just search for him in the air? Doesn't matter.

Onto Sabertooth, where Sting is now master after Jiemma's disappearance (Something tells me Minerva offered him as a sacrifice to Tartaros. Sting orders Yukino to take off her clothes (I was about to have a nosebleed) until everyone started dropping their for the first annual Sabertooth orgy

Turns out, they now got a pool (Completely ripped off Fairy Tail) And Yukino's swimsuit, I could've been sniped and died without regret.

While there, Sting is acting like a kid until Lector shows up and tells them Frosch got lost.

Sting and Rogue had a quick squabble that was stopped by Yukino and her twin girls.

As they look for Frosch, I saw a few sides of Rogue I hope to never see (His crying side, happy side, cat/frog complex side, perverted side, scary side, and grabby side, etc) I favored the motion sickness, that was funny, as well as when he crushed the wall. Also, when he went for the Double D gold, that reaction was better than the manga (Granted, now I want to kill Rogue)

The Kagura/Milliana moment was amazing. (Also, Frosch is a boy) I don't know why Kagura said "he" was charming, and then said she wanted "her" as a little sister.

I could definitely live without that Ichiya moment, I had a fucking nightmare I was being relentlessly chased by him in those god forsaken speedos. The worst part was I was running in slow-mo. (What was that Shadow Dragon spell he used?) I like that one I think, Pillar of the Shadow Dragon

The Natsu/Lucy vs Frog catchers, I'll be honest I skipped that one. That was just begging for spotlight and filler crap. Wasn't really necessary. What the fuck are Frog Catchers doing in Magnolia anyway, we're nowhere near Louisiana.

I liked the whole Gray and Juvia scene. Except where he was in nothing but his boxers. (Seriously)

Out of all that, that Erza scene was amazing (She looked hotter than hell) But the thought of Rogue in that costume gave me more nightmares.

Overall, I loved this episode, and hopefully, we can finally move onto the Eclipse Celestial Spirit Arc. Im personally looking forward to it.

So leave your replys, and I'll review every once in a while


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