Alright, so I've been a fan of Fairy Tail for about a year and a half, and if there's one thing that I've that there is a lot of tension revolving Nalu and Nali and whose better. I'm posting this as a sort of debate. Whether not who you'd prefer Natsu to end up with...rather, who makes the most sense for Natsu and why.

There are four rules:

1) No expressing your hatred for either girl, and no arguments.

2) List why either one or the other should be with Natsu.

3) Don't make it sound like the two hate each other. Lisanna and Lucy have not shown any expression of hatred or hostility towards one another and are actually friends. They are both not as strong. (Lucy without her keys and Lisanna who is not as strong as her siblings))

4) Lisanna is not an evil, manipulative bitch. If you hate her, keep it to yourself. But don't waste my time ranting about how horrible you say she is. Some people like to portray her as the bad guy, while Lucy is the victim. Who am I kidding, a lot of people.

I don't hate neither, rather I'm telling it as it is. It could go either way

So here's to get the ball rolling:

I have absolutely nothing against Lucy. She's actually one of my favorite characters. But if I were to think about it, I think Lisanna would be better suited for Natsu. Here are just a few reasons.

-Lisanna actually knows Natsu longer than Lucy, so she has the upper edge.

-When they were little, Natsu was embarrassed when she asked to marry him, hinting hidden feelings.

-They raised Happy, so she knows him on a deeper level.

-He was in grief after her death and was overjoyed seeing her after so long.

-Episode 164 (Where the animators decide to put a Nali scene for once on display) Until Loke technically was the one who ruined it, and Lucy was caught in the crossfire

Unlike Lucy, Lisanna is actually patient with Natsu's moments of stupidity. I think Lisanna would be perfect for Natsu because despite the numerous Nalu scenes Mashima puts up. There has never truly been a moment that showed the two holding genuine feelings for one another that goes past the "Best Friend stage."

Natsu and Lucy are teammates and just close friends. He pretty much treats Erza the same as Lucy, even more. If not for Jellal, Naza has a better chance of happening than Nalu or Nali.

-When you think about it, Natsu is like that to everyone (even Gray at times) but you don't see every Fairy Tail girl lining up to kiss him.

So those are not my opinions, but what I perceive.

With that, I leave you all to the rest

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