• Animebd

    Hi Guys am frm Bangladesh a far country frm Japan.I watch Fairy Tail since i was started and i am a big fan of it.After stopping of a year there is a new animation of the Fairy Tail season 2.The animation seems pretty cool at first my now in the latest Episode i see that the fight animation isn't as good as it should be,in fact it looks pretty bad ( Specially the fight of ERZA against Menerva and Kagura it wasn't even worth of watching.I m felling very bad when i say this).I don't Know what happend bcz i live far frm Japan.I don't even know why the animation has changed but the fighting animation is very bad.I wanna know why the animation became like this and when The anime Director gonna Change it.Plz tell me.I wanna know it soon.I love F…

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