So, We've had E.N.D confirmed to "Be Natsu " for a while now, but is it just that simple? They open the book and he'll become evil? Or he'll become some sort of demon as the name suggests. Or Could It be as simple as Silver's last words, it's a "Flame Demon", now everyone might automatically think of Fire Dragon Slayer makes sense, indeed it does now think about E.N.D being some sort of Ancient Flames , perhaps Demonic. (Again the demon ties must connect some how.)E.N.D could very well be a manifestation of Natsu and as his true power, not completely that It's Natsu turning over.This ties into why Igneel could not beat E.N.D. You can't beat something that doesn't have a physical body. Another thing I thought of, is E.N.D possibly something good? For instance I doubt E.N.D Zeref's Masterpiece would be something Malicious, He only wishes to be killed. Now I'm getting away from the topic, but once Natsu realizes the true natute of Zeref's Ideals he'll head for the actual Problem. The God of Life and Death, Ackrahem (Sorry for the spelling.)Especially if Natsu and Zeref are actually related. Well, Basically I think it some sort of Ancient flames Natsu will consume and gain such God~like powers. So what does everyone think? Too out there? Or possible? Just Late Night thoughts as too a new chapter comes out tomorrow I believe. Hyped!

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