This very chapter is very important to the fan girls of NaLu and JeRza. So let's discuss!

The title of the chapter is "Natsu's Strategy". In the first place, NaLu fan girls will read this to make sure there's something (or not) NaLu related.

Now if you already read the previous chapter, Wendy already approved that she will fight Zirconis, to protect Lucy and the other guys.
Wendy Resolves To Defeat Zirconis

Wendy approves to fighting Zirconis.

Now, Lucy, was almost became dragon food. (that was close! *relief*) Now that she has no clothes, (which is good for perverts like this guy, and bad for the ladies), she yells for help. Before the dragon eating Lucy, Wendy said She will fight the dragon. Then Mirajane helps Wendy by distracting the dragon then Wendy attacks the dragon with the Sky Dragon's Roar.
Wendy Damaging Zirconis

Sky dragon's roar.

And, obviously, the attack will work. She isn't called Sky Dragon Slayer for nothin'. Meanwhile, Lucy was thrown by the dragon and Happy tries to catch her. And then, Wendy and Mirajane made a team to deal with Zirconis.
Wendy and Sitri Fights Zirconis

Team Mira and wendy

In another place, Natsu was dealing with Rogue. Then Lucy rained down NAKED. She said Help me Natsu!!! Then Natsu and Lucy fell of the place where Rogue and Natsu was fighting. Then Natsu and Lucy fell down and Natsu questioned Lucy why she was naked. And then, Natsu touches Lucy's tits!!! Oh my, he's half pervert! Any way, Lucy mentioned that she was almost eaten by a dragon and then natsu gets an idea.
Natsu Discovered a Way To Beat Dragons

Natsu figures out how to defeat the dragons.

Meanwhile, erza was separated from the others. Even though Cana warned her, she still fought. Now her legs won't move. As she was surrounded by many dragons, Jellal comes to save her! Yay Jellal!
Jellal Saving Erza From Hatchlings

Yay Jellal!

And then Millianna enters and interrupts the scene.
Millianna Sees Jellal

Millianna interrupts the scene

Jerza Sees Millianna

Jellal and erza see millianna

Meanwhile, Lucy called Virgo to fetch her some clothes and Natsu and Happy get on with the strategy.
Natsu and Happy Flies Back To FR

Natsu and happy gets on with the strategy.

Lucy says Natsu finds the silver lining in every thing. And virgo teases lucy that she shared a naked embrace with him. Then Lucy spots future lucy's journal. What was written inside it? Stay tuned folks.

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