Manga chapter 329

Cobra Returns To Fight Dragons

So let's see, in this chapter, Rogue Cheney fooled the princess to thinking that the eclipse is a canon. Thanks to Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aguria, they shut the eclipse door with the twelve keys. But the princess already released 7 dragons. Rogue Cheney said that 7 dragons is already enough to rule the world. The guilds were fighting the dragons while Wendy Marvell saw the dragon that she called with milky way. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. So Rogue Cheney, said to Natsu Dragneel that he had learned magic that can manipulate dragons. He also said that he killed Sting Eucliffe to get Sting's power. And then Natsu Dragneel called the SEVENTH DRAGON SLAYER. I cannot believe my eyes. Cobra was the seventh dragon slayer!!! wahhhhhh!!!

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