Hello guys and welcome to FUNNY STORY TIME SHOW
Because Tv Tokyo abandon us, we had to unite with the Americans to continue.....F**k it now we have to do a Talk-Show...and we don't even have money to animate it >.<"
So here is our guest Happy.....and in the background the crowd T.T
Happy:3.2.1...Huh..Were here, were live, and F**k this, lets just...
Crowd:Where are the bitches...we want bitches...
Happy:I'm surrounded by morons...anyway our first invitate is Rufus...Get your ass over here!!!
Crowd:What the Holy Hell...we want bitches not a Rufus....
Happy:Where the F**k did i put that remote to silence the crowd....
Rufus:Well sorry i'm late,but i had to apply my makeup...cuz im a bad boy...wohohoh i'm so natty,natty,natty (^.^)
Happy:Yeah nothing says more evil than womanly eyebrow....
The Boss:A phone for Happy, put it on speaker...
Gray:Hello...Hello when do i enter the show????
Happy:Wrong number...F**king kids stop making prank calls (-.-*) we have few questions for you...1 it is true that you spend time with boys call Steve??
Rufus:And girls call Steve 2....but those are rare to find..*whisper*...i know 5 by now (^.^)
Happy:0.o ok....Next question...what do you do in the free time??
Rufus:Well i have a band..its call "Rufus and the squirrels....aids*...and we have a concert next week, you are all invited..
Happy:I'll better stab myself with something a pen or a rubber band or better a paper clip...damn the budget is too low (_ _ )
Director:Another phone for Happy....
Natsu:Hey Happy i see you....well i actually don't see you..but you're on Tv..Where is my money bitch >.<"
Happy:Soo.... this was our show we wait you next time On FST SHOW
The Boss:Dont forget to check our sponsors "Queers of War 2".."Hairy Twatter".."Black C*ck Down" and "Assablanca"
Next up on Funny channel, Republican Space Rangers with a brand new episode:

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