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~The FST Show ep2~

Hello guys and welcome to FUNNY STORY TIME SHOW
Because Tv Tokyo abandon us, we had to unite with the Americans to continue.....F**k it now we have to do a Talk-Show...and we don't even have money to animate it >.<"
And now our guest....Happy
Happy:Damn my back hurts....i had to sleep outside, cuz apparently, cats sleep outside T.T
Happy:Haha...that remote was the best investment ever XD
Happy:Our invitate today is Natsu....
Natsu:Yo guys...haha Gray im on tv :P
The Boss:A phone for Happy, put it on speaker...
Gray:F**k you Natsu...
Happy:Stupid kids stop making prank calls >.<"
Natsu:In what language was that person talking???
Happy:Any'hore...Natsu my first question is about the battle with Sting...
Natsu:Pffff...i had to improvise that battle, so that it will take more time..
Happy:But why....and improvise what the Hell are you a Mime?
Natsu:Shut up...that's classified information..
Happy:OK....Natsu i saw that in the battle, Sting put a sigil or some white Sh*t on you...more like on your abs,how did you burn it??
Natsu:Well when i was in the market i got myself a pair of hot abs..with some unique plot ability..
Natsu:Well..*pulls a piece of paper and start to read*...Plot Abs..Do not wash them with white clothes...and the plot ability:
1Can cook food like eggs or soup,you can grill fish......
2Can reflect light...WARNING don't use them as a beacon...
3Makes your character look like a douchebag...
Happy:Well the douchebag part i know..but reflecting light i don't believe that..
Natsu:*gets his shirt off* eyes are burning stop the F**king lights....
>>>>Sorry for the inconvenience FST show will be back<<<<
Happy:X.X ok we're back again.....Natsu you moron now i can't see...
Natsu:Never but Never doubt the "abs"...
Natsu:Ou and what is with this remote???
Happy:Nooooooo........don't touch it..
Natsu:Ups too late...XD
Crowd:O Happy...come here you bastard...>__>/
Happy:T.T this was the end of the FST Show and of my life....stay toon for next brand new episode of " Douchey-Doo! "
Douchey-Doo! :

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