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Narrator:Before the Naval Battle Natsu and Rogue were preparing themselves for what will come...
Rogue:Yo...Natsu where are you?
Natsu:Outside...i have something incredible to show you! XD
Narrator:Rogue went outside and saw Natsu next to a bear.....really a bear =\
Rogue:Natsu...don't tell me, that you spend all of our money, to buy a bear >.<"
Natsu:Maybe...or maybe not....any'hore this bear is gonna bring us a lot of money XD
Rogue:Let me guess, you're gonna teach this bear to ride a bicycle o.o that's too hard...this bear is gonna be my Battle Mount =D
Rogue:WTF DUDE...why do you need a battle mount...
Natsu:Just shut up and come with me *grabs Rogue and shouts to the bear*...TO WARRR... XD
Narrator:While they were passing, through the city streets, a couple of guards stopped Natsu..
Guards:You must have a damn good explanation for this...
Natsu:Well i really have see i'm an main character, witch show is about to end, so in order to save some money, the animator's ,gave me this bear to help the plot move faster..T.T
Guards:Ok then... show us your animators letter.....
Natsu:Yes of course, dear sir, is right here..*grabs Rogue and throws him on the guards*....hahaha...*shouts to the bear*...TO THE ARENA HONEY PANTS!! XD
Narrator:Shortly after Natsu saw Lucy next to the arena Main Gate...
Natsu:Yo bitch... where's my money!!
Lucy:...T.T i don't have your money..T.T
Narrator:When Natsu heard this, he started to get fired dude stay chill, we don't have money to animate the flames effect....
Natsu:Lucy come here...let us pray the *pimp's prayer*...A-HUH...Let us pray for the soul of this bitch,and guide my pimp hand and make it strong,Lord.So that she might learn a whore's place.Amen...*Slaps Lucy hard over the face* >.<"
Lucy:Daddy Nooo....T.T (Daddy=the way whore's call their pimp's)
Natsu:Shut up bitch!! where is bitch#2 i need to have a word with her...
Narrator:Natsu and Lucy find bitch#2 next to the FT attic..
Natsu:Bitch give me the next match situation....
Erza:Yes Daddy...*pulls the laptop and starts to say*...we have 20% chance to win the next battle,but if we....then....
Narrator:This is how Natsu understood everything:Blablabla..i'm a bitch...blablabla...i hope Rogue is fine...blablabla...where is that bear now...blablabla damn i forgot my pimp hat...
Natsu:*Rolls a paper and slaps Erza behind head*..bitch don't give me that alien language..SPEAK ENGLISH...E-N-G-L-I-S-H >.<"
Erza:Sorry Daddy.!! T.T
Narrator:While Natsu was shouting to Erza,Jellal came..
Jellal:Yo Natsu i need Erza to hunt Zeref!!!
Natsu:Who Zeref...that fagot still own me money...anyway Erza cost 20$an hour =\
Jellal:Man you can't sell persons..o.o
Natsu:What are you, a cop??...Hmmm i'll give you Erza only if you find my bear.
Natsu:I'm gonna make a Harlem Shake, and post it XD
Narrator: Natsu's Harlem Shake..
0.o o.0 0.o o.0
This is the Pimp's Prayer: video:
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This is for you stay awesome guys ;)

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