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Funny Story Time (Happy's evil council part 2)

Yo Guys my name is Ra ,and i'm Anu intelligent and handsome Bro,Anu didn't have enough time, to make a new blog, so he begged me.... (^.^)
Ou...and if you're not familiar with the story here is the link to the I part:
<404-FILE NOT FOUND> F**king Errors..(_ _*)

Happy:My evil council, we have gathered here again, in order to bring end to that pink haired asshole.
Rufus:Well...the last plan did not affect Natsu.
Sting:That's because he doesn't connect to youtube...seriously how the F**k do we even have internet!!??(>.>)
Happy:SILENCE you fools..the last plan was only the beginning of our evil raid of terror upon Natsu >.<*
Sting:Aaa..Happy why are we in Mashima's house??
Happy:Cuz..your Sh*t friend exploded after the video, and the whole chamber was full of him..or her..F**k..i had lost my favorite scarf in there...(T.T)
Narrator:Meanwhile Natsu and Lucy were spending some private time together..
Natsu:Yo bitch!!...go and summon the pink-drill-bitch, and lets get started to find some treasure....i need money fast >__> seems that Natsu is in the middle of something....wanker..
Gray:Hello...hello why isn't nobody listen to me...T.T
Sting:Yo Happy, do you hear something???
Happy:Shut up Sting...during our last meeting i was able to put my hands on Zeref's black book...(^o^)
Narrator:Happy starts to show the book to the council...
Rufus:Aa...Happy i'm sorry, but i think that isn't the right book...
Happy:What the F**k are you blathering about..*opens the book*...what the Hell is this....0.o
Sting:Awesome it has a magical link*touches the link*:
Happy:WTF...Well..i knew that Zeref was the "Black Magician" but this..this is just....0.o
Sting:Below is another link, and the title says...Nig*a Synthesis...
Happy:Nooooo don't touch it...i had enough of this stupid book..T.T
Narrator:Happy starts to tremble, and took's a hot and non suspect coffee, that was next to him...
Happy:I need a brake...that video was terrible...*drink's the coffee*...
Narrator:After 10 min....we all know what will happen...*Troll face*
Happy:Don't tell me...Natsu...why...T.T
Narrator:Suddenly, Happy's face started to transform itself into an emoticon, his body into a tart and from his ass, he was shooting rainbows....
Sting:You are all filming this??
Rufus:Yup...actual footage of happy's transformation: XD
I hope you enjoyed the story (^.^)
Here is a song for the credits with dedication from me:
Ra1435 and Anu.....:P

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