Come,come closer my child i'm gonna tell you a story,my own creation...i'm bored dont judge me....haters =\ .
There was once upon a time, during the GMG(Grand Magic Games blablabal...),a boy with pink hair and his cat(it's obvious who they are)and the epic story starts like this(pampampam....drum roll pls...*the crowd starts..boooo*..haters T.T):
Natsu:Yo,Happy!i have an awesome plan.
Happy:'s probably gonna be lame.
Natsu:I call it "Operation Bandage Butt".
Narrator:Shut your trap-hole!
Natsu:I'm gonna troll Sting so hard =O
Natsu:I have this bottle of "Laxative for Dragons", from Igneel.
Happy:Aaaa Natsu,is something written on the bottle.
Natsu:It's said:WARNING! and below:Laxative for Dragons 100% natural ingredients,Use 1-2 pills,don't left the toilet for 2-3 days. P.S Do not,but do not,use more than 2 pills on humans,or the next effects will appear:toenail discoloration,heavy weight loss,massively hair loss(especially near the"back zone"),Gay elephant noise coming from your abdominal area,sensation similar to a launching shuttle,talking in ancient Sh*t language,shotgun diarrhea,extreme long Kingkong Sh*t's,at the end Death.
Happy:Aa..Natsu i'm starting to have second thoughts on your plan 0.o
Natsu:Nea Sting is gonna be ok,after all he has "Plot Armor"to protect him.
Happy:And how are we, going to make Sting,eat the pills??
Natsu:Hmmmm....we're gonna dump them,in his coffee!!
Happy:AYE!! XD
Narator:In the morning,our heroes,go to Sabertooth's Dorm.
Natsu:Yo Happy!..did you got Sting's coffee?
Happy:AYE!!XD how many pills should we put?
Narrator:Hey F**ktards,do something,Sting is coming!
Natsu:F**k this*dump's the whole bottle in the coffee*...Happy let's get the Hell outta here!!!!
Happy:AYE!! o.o
Narator:Shortly after getting the Hell outta there....
Sting:Finally i found my coffe!!!=\
Narator:After 10 min...
Sting:*gay elephant noises*..WTF...o.0 I NEED TO GET TO THE TOILET,MOVE PEOPLE!!!!
. . . . . WTF...why did the story stop...=(((

  • a voice from above* you are out of plot budget.. guys this is the end...*the crowd:YEY finally..*,i'm surrounded by Haters T.T
Here is an awesome song for the credits :

And Credits:.....Me XD

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