Oh greater and far more knowledgeable than I Wiki! I seek your superior understanding! I started reading Fairy Tail after finishing my first exposure to anime and manga: Full Metal Alchemist. I absolutely loved FMA, and really I just read Fairy Tail to fill the void. After visiting the Wiki often, I heard about Rave Master and decided to read that. I loved Rave Master as well - and while it may be a sin on this Wiki, I am kind of "meh" towards Fairy Tail but that's another story. I was wondering what caused the shift in style from Rave Master to Fairy Tail in terms of sexualization of characters, namely females? I know Rave Master had its moments of this nature that increased as time went on, but in Fairy Tail the jump is extreme and only seems to becoming more prominent, even without appropriate justification or context.

Is this a genre thing? Something developed in Mashima's own character? I am truly just curious as to why this has occurred and continues to grow? This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but it - along with other questions - is why I just joined the Wiki.

Thank you in advance!

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