Hello, Fairy Tail Wiki!

I've been inactive these past few weeks for various reasons (mostly revolving around school, among all things), and I have neglected many of my responsibilities to this Wiki. While it is not exactly a big deal for a Wiki as big and as active as this with many contributors filling in the gap of inactive editors such as myself, the fact that I am still bounded to responsibilities, but are ignoring them, isn't sitting very well with me. More importantly, it isn't a very nice thing to condone duties for whatever reason--valid or otherwise.

Since I couldn't balance real and internet life, I've decided that giving up one thing so as not to jeopardize the other is a better option than neglecting both at the same time. A certain Senpai once told me that real life is more important (though I'd like to digress sometimes...), and I don't really want to get my priorities mixed up. More so, I've had several issues with the interwebs lately, and a lot of them have been throwing me off quite badly. I think it seems stupid to break down over things said and done online.

That being said, it's not like I'll be leaving for good. I will come back, maybe pop up in the chat every once in a while (although I seem to have a knack for appearing whenever there's least going on the chat...), and I definitely will contribute to this Wiki still. Let's just say I wouldn't be able to do it on a regular basis from now on.

When I think about it, I don't really think this calls for a goodbye. And I doubt there are many of you who would bother with this, but making this blog was worth the shot I guess. Thank you, Fairy Tail Wiki. I've had tons of fun on this site, and meeting new people from all across the globe was one awesome experience. I've learned plenty new things in my time here, and I hope the few months I spent active won't be the end of my FT Wiki days.

T'was real fun getting to know all you people! Continue being one of the most amazing, friendliest, largest, coolest Wikis out there! You guys are the best! A billion thanks for everything! You've made this Onion one very, very happy vegetable. I think I'm going to sprout real nicely from here-on.

And while I'm at it, kisses for y'all!

Blow Kiss

*Everybody avoids it like the plague* Well... that was awkward...

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