So a while back, I saw a blog post (which I can no longer find, no matter what key words I use) asking about the validity of Faust being Makarov's Edolas counterpart. Several users argue that it isn't true, seeing as how the relation between them came from Natsu (this just proves how immense our trust in Natsu, and his mentality, is), but there are also those who, for some reason, believe Faust is Edo-Makarov, especially as the Edolas personalities are the exact opposite of their Earthland counterparts'. On that note, it makes sense if Makarov and Faust are, indeed, related.

However, in retrospect, it has been mentioned at one point in the Edolas arc, that the Fairy Tail master is dead or gone or whatever your English subs tell you. Logically, we'd all assume that the Fairy Tail master, regardless of his Edolas or Earthland nature, is Makarov. Although Natsu, obviously, is unaware of this fact seeing as Edo-Lucy's declaration was heard by the Edo-FT and Edo-FT only.

The point of this blog post, if any, is this: what if Makarov wasn't the Edolas FT's master? After all, from what I could remember, him being the master wasn't really stated per se when Edo-Lucy mentioned about their master's death. We only assumed it was Makarov because, honestly, where else would we affiliate Fairy Tail's master, apart from Fairy Tail anyway?

So... do you think Faust really is Edo-Makarov? And wouldn't that also mean that... Jellal Fernandes is Makarov's son? Unless, of course, Mystogan is adopted. Boy, things get more complicated the more you think about it, don't they? I just actually want to hear your take on this for a lack of better thing to do.

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