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  • Alois-pyon

    Goodbye! :)

    August 8, 2012 by Alois-pyon

    Hello, Fairy Tail Wiki!

    I've been inactive these past few weeks for various reasons (mostly revolving around school, among all things), and I have neglected many of my responsibilities to this Wiki. While it is not exactly a big deal for a Wiki as big and as active as this with many contributors filling in the gap of inactive editors such as myself, the fact that I am still bounded to responsibilities, but are ignoring them, isn't sitting very well with me. More importantly, it isn't a very nice thing to condone duties for whatever reason--valid or otherwise.

    Since I couldn't balance real and internet life, I've decided that giving up one thing so as not to jeopardize the other is a better option than neglecting both at the same time. A cert…

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  • Alois-pyon

    Edolas Makarov

    May 22, 2012 by Alois-pyon

    So a while back, I saw a blog post (which I can no longer find, no matter what key words I use) asking about the validity of Faust being Makarov's Edolas counterpart. Several users argue that it isn't true, seeing as how the relation between them came from Natsu (this just proves how immense our trust in Natsu, and his mentality, is), but there are also those who, for some reason, believe Faust is Edo-Makarov, especially as the Edolas personalities are the exact opposite of their Earthland counterparts'. On that note, it makes sense if Makarov and Faust are, indeed, related.

    However, in retrospect, it has been mentioned at one point in the Edolas arc, that the Fairy Tail master is dead or gone or whatever your English subs tell you. Logically, we'd…

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  • Alois-pyon

    Since Chapter 280's release some few hours ago, I've been going through the latest blog posts (the comments especially), and arrived at the conclusion that a lot of you aren't very appreciative of the possible Lucy and Erza no. 2s, that the latest update seems to imply. I don't like the general gist of it either (I'm still a little stingy on Lucy's battle with Angel, and I just don't like Karen at all), but I don't think it's such bad thing altogether.

    What I'm trying to say is that I don't think Yukino's a Lucy no. 2 at all--and this is mostly just because they share the same magic. I'd like to see Yukino go against Lucy, and I'll bet the fight will be nothing like an Angel-vs-Lucy battle (if it hadn't been for Hibiki, that fight would hav…

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  • Alois-pyon

    Next Fairy Tail Chapters

    October 16, 2011 by Alois-pyon

    My initial assumption the first time I saw Mavis was that she was, literally, a 'fairy'. She was the spirit of Fairy Tail who would whisk away our heroes from their doom and protect them with some sort of magic that transports them to a different dimension (much like Anima). Interestingly enough, Chapter 255 proved to be a little similar to most of our original theories, which both satisfied and disappointed us (how anti-climatic can that chapter get, anyway?).

    Now here's the thing. I've seen how Hiro-sensei enjoys doing the most unexpected twists, and now it gets to me that he's coming up with yet another surprise. The question is: just what is it? In my opinion, I think the seven-year-older Fairies played too little of a part (just one ch…

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  • Alois-pyon

    I've seen plenty of manga-kas incorporate a certain number into their works, but none of them seem to realize how important numbers can get in creating the twists and turns of their mangas, as Hiro-sensei have, which, for this case, would be the number seven. It boggles me to no end, seeing as how everything practically revolves around the number seven, but with no clues as to what and why specifically is that particular number the chosen "one".

    So anyway, since I'm still new around here (and wanting to make friends...), I'll ask you guys for your take on this. What's the deal with the number seven and just how important can it actually get in the entire Fairy Tail world?

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